Empty Paletts Production for the Northfrisian March v1.1 FS22 [Download Now]

2023-09-01 00:32:04

Empty Paletts Production for the Northfrisian March v1.1 FS22

Empty pallet production adapted for the NF march from FED Action.
Version Bale trigger for wood chip bales installed. Building collision adjusted so that helpers can also get to the unloading point. Changed ground texture from asphalt to cobblestone.
Version Empty pallet production for those who have too few pallets and use the FED Action production pack.
This is a prerequisite, as chipboard, OSB boards and molasses are used in the boosters. Furthermore, logs or log pallets as well as wood chips and electric charge are needed. In 3 shifts up to 4125 pallets can be produced per cycle.

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